Studies Show Milk Can Help Dieters Get Leaner

If your new year included a promise for a new you or if you just vowed to step up your physical activity, don’t forget the dairy! A recent study in the International Journal of Obesity showed that people who were dieting and consumed more dairy, like nonfat milk, lost more weight as compared to dieters who didn't.

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Milk’s Secret Health Benefits

How well do you know milk and its health benefits? You may be surprised to find the many benefits beyond bone health found in a glass of the delicious white beverage we love.

Real California Recipes

Family recipes are always delicious, but it’s the stories behind them that make them special. As California dairy farmers, we’re glad our hard work could make it from our family farms to your home. Take a look through the winners of America’s best family recipe contest that been voted on by dairy lovers like you.