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Spicy Fresh and Fruity California Cheese Board



A cheese board, plate or course is a delightful, satisfying addition to any meal. A typical cheese course contains just a few ounces of cheese per person, accompanied by another food often seasonal fresh fruit, dried fruit and nuts or even chocolate along with thin slices of handmade bread or artisan crackers. This example showcases two milder cheeses with a spicy variety and some accompaniments with kick.: snack
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Here are some ideas for assembling a traditional cheese course using Real California cow's milk cheeses.

Select three to five cheeses of varying flavors and textures. Many prefer three because it doesn't challenge the palate with too many flavors yet provides good variety and contrast.

When selecting cheeses, create a range of flavors and textures from soft to hard and milk to sharp, event pungent varieties.

• A bloomy rind cheese such as Brie, Camembert or Formagella.

• A soft or washed-rind cheese such as Teleme or Crescenza.

• A semi-firm hard cheese such as Manchego, Gouda, St. George or Mezzo Secco.

• A very hard aged cheese such as Dry Jack, Aged Gouda or Estero Gold.

• A highly flavorful or pungent cheese such as Blue or Schloss.