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Cheese and Chocolate Dessert Plate



Dessert Plate Shown: : – Center∶ Real California Crema Mexicana With Fran’s Chocolate Sauce and Fresh Berries – Upper right (2 o’clock)∶ Aged Real California Cheddar With Poco Dolce Aztec Chile Chocolate Bar – Lower right (4 o’clock)∶ Real California Fresh Ricotta Cheese With Chocolove Dark Chocolate/Dried Cherry Bar – Lower left (8 o’clock)∶ Real California Creamy Blue Cheese With Soft Ginger Snap Cookies – Upper left (11 o’clock)∶ Real California Formagella-Style Cheese With Ghirardelli Sea Salt Milk Chocolate With Almonds
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Styles of Chocolate for Pairing

Dark Chocolate
Darker, less sweet chocolates pair well with aged, complex cheeses

Chocolate With Dried Fruits and Nuts
Chocolate with roasted nuts and dried fruit pairs well with creamier semi-soft cheeses and also with aged cheeses that have more complexity

Milk Chocolate
Milk chocolate pairs well with sweet fresh cheese like California ricotta and buttery semi-soft cheeses like California brie

Spicy Chocolates
Chocolates that have chilis and other peppers added pair well with sharp cheeses that are not overly salty

Styles of Cheese for Pairing

Fresh California Ricotta, Cream Cheese, Fromage Blanc, Teleme or Crescenza

Semi-Soft/Mold Ripened
Creamy California Blue Cheeses, Brie, Triple Creme, Washed Rind

California Cheddar, Fontina, Asiago, Gouda, Wine- or Beer-Washed Table Cheeses

Aged California Gouda, Dry Jack, Grating Cheeses

Semi-Soft Creamy California Blue Cheeses, Firmer More Crumbly Blues