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Spook-tacular Halloween Celebration Board



– 1 container Real California Ciliegine Mozzarella balls – 1 8 oz Real California Brie cheese round – 1 ball Real California Oaxaca cheese – 1 can sliced black olives – 1 jar Cherry jam – 1 bag long, oval crostini toasts – Dried apricots, cut in half – Dried figs, cut in half – Blackberries and/ or black grapes – Pistachios or pepitas – Candy corn – Whoppers candy Special Equipment: – Small, circle shaped cutter – Jack O’Lantern cookie cutter – Hatched style cheese knife – Halloween décor and serving items, dry ice or fog machine Halloween, Party Board, Cheese Board, Easy Entertaining, Kid Friendly, Mozzarella, Brie, Oaxaca Cheese, Cheese O’Lantern, Kid Party
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Board as shown, clockwise starting in upper left: Dried apricots, pistachios, blackberries, Vampire Jack O’Lantern Brie, Whoppers, candy corn, Oaxaca Cheese Crostini Mummies, dried figs, Mozzarella Eyeballs, thistle flowers.

Cheese Items

Vampire Jack O’Lantern Brie: On a small, young California brie, use a knife and/or mini cookie cutter to design your jack-o-lantern, adding cherry jam for “blood”.

Oaxaca Cheese Crostini Mummies. Unravel the Oaxaca cheese and pull strings of cheese off. Wrap the cheese strings around each crostini and broil until the cheese is slightly melted. Place black olive slices on the melted cheese for eyes.

Mozzarella Eyeballs: Real California Ciliegine Mozzarella cheese balls (the gumball sized variety). Cut a small circle on the top of each cheese ball and remove a bit of the cheese. Place a sliced black olive inside for a delicious fake eyeball. Tip: Use a small circle shape cutter to remove the cheese where the olive will go.

Spooky Decor

Break out Halloween decor for table and tray embellishments to add extra spookiness to the spread


Skeleton hands

• Mini witches cauldron with funky/spooky flowers or use as a jam container

Black tray or vintage tray

• Hatchet cheese knife covered in jam “blood”

• Spooky spiderweb table runner

• Candles or fake candles

• Skeleton spoon

Take the spooky factor to the next level by filling a fake cauldron with dry ice and water (handle with extreme care), see Tips for handling dry ice or use a mist maker that adds a cool fog effect

Recipe and images created in partnership with Jessica Lawrenz / @mongermoldandmilk