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– 1 teaspoon cornstarch – 1 pound Real California baby Swiss cheese, coarsely shredded – 2 cups dry white wine – 1 whole garlic clove – 3 tablespoons kirsch
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Shred Baby Swiss; reserve. Rub a heavy saucepan with garlic and add white wine. Heat saucepan, uncovered, over moderately high heat. Pour kirsch and cornstarch, and stir until cornstarch is well dissolved.By this time the wine will begin to show small foamy bubbles over its surface. When it is almost covered with this fine foam, but is not yet boiling, add the Swiss gradually, stirring constantly. Keep the heat high, but do not let the fondue boil. Continue to add the cheese until you can feel a very slight resistance to the spoon as you stir. Then, still stirring vigorously, add the kirsch and cornstarch mixture. Continue to cook until fondue begins to thicken. Add seasoning to taste.Quickly transfer the fondue to a heatproof heavy pan and place container over an alcohol lamp or in a fondue pot or chafing dish. Or use an electric skillet adjusted to low heat. Once transfered, guests can take over.Recipe Developed by Sequoia Specialty Cheese Company, and Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant