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Festive Holiday Cheese Wreath



– Real California Aged Gouda cheese – Real California Toma cheese (or other mildly flavored aged cheese) – Real California Carmody cheese – Kumquats – Fresh figs – Roasted pistachios – Dried cranberries – Fresh sage and marjoram – Edible violas
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Cut cheeses in various sized triangular wedges and arrange in circular pattern alternating by color. Tuck in cut fresh figs and cut kumquats, add cranberries and pistachios and garnish with herbs and edible flowers.

Notes on building a California cheese wreath:

Cut your cheeses while they are cold /chilled for best outcome

For wedges, cut in to at least 10 pieces each - about 1/4 inches thick

For small wheels, cut in half (like a bagel) and then cut those in to 6 wedge pieces each (like a pizza)

Add interest by cutting cheeses with cookie cutters in various sizes (for example, small to media round shapes or stars)

Layer cheese and crackers or other ingredients around the perimeter of the plate, staggering the pieces slightly

Add fill in items like dried fruit and nuts

Garnish with larger dried fruit like dried citrus slices for color/texture and fresh herbs for color

Serve the wreath at room temperature for the most pleasurable sensory experience

Recipe and image by Jessica Lawrenz / @mongermoldandmilk