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Easy Ice Cream Pops



– 1 8-oz. package prepared whipped cream, such as Cool Whip, or 1 cup Real California heavy cream – 1 12-oz. can Real California evaporated milk – 1 14-oz. can Real California sweetened condensed milk – Fresh strawberries
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Serves 8

In the jar of a blender, combine all the ingredients and process until smooth. Transfer to ice pop molds and freeze until firm.

Note: To unmold the pops is to run the outside of the mold under hot water for about 30 seconds until you see a bubble inside, then pull up. Enjoy!

By Deepa N. from Nanuet, New York

My kids love these so much that they wait for summer to have it. When the weather gets better they start asking me, "Mommy, did you make ice cream pops?" All my friends just love this when they come home. Try it and you will never be disappointed :)