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California Cheese and Chocolate Pairings



– Real California Blue cheese – Real California Toma cheese – Real California Triple Cream cheese – Alter Ego 60% Dairy Chocolate Quinoa Crunch – Chuao Firecracker Chocolate – Taza Organic Dark Mexican-style Stone Ground Chocolate – Rustic Brandy Artisan Crisps – Strawberries – Red grapes – Pistachios – Herbs or edible flowers like violas, sage, rosemary and marjoram to garnish. :Cheese Pairing, Chocolate, Valentine’s, Blue Cheese, Brie, Triple Cream, Toma
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Clockwise, starting upper left:

Real California Blue cheese with Alter Ego 60% dark chocolate quinoa crunch.

•Note: Blue cheeses tend to pair nicely with dark chocolate; this one’s crunchy quinoa center adds a playful texture, and the blue cheese compliments the chocolate's nutty, mineral profile.

Real California Toma with Chuao Firecracker Chocolate.

•Note: Toma’s buttery profile mellows out the snap, crackle and POP from the chocolate which has sea salt, a dash of chipotle and popping candy crackle inside.

Real California Triple Cream with Taza Dark Mexican-style Stone Ground Chocolate ground on top – use a cookie cutter to guide the design.

•Note: The fragrance of the vanilla bean plays nicely with the sweet cream flavor of the triple cream.

Add accoutrements: Red grapes, strawberries and pistachios; fruit and nut crisps, herbs and edible flowers.

Recipe by Jessica Lawrenz / @mongermoldandmilk