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California Bounty Cheese Bouquet



– Real California White Cheddar, Smoked Jalapeño Cheddar and Brie Cheese Flowers – Salumi Roses – Lemonquats, Mini Apples, Fresh Figs, Green Grapes, Goldenberries, Dried Apricots and Mini Artichokes – Rosemary, Bay and Olive Leaves – Wax Flowers, Rosemary Tools: – Vase or bouquet paper – Ribbon or twine – Floral tape – Floral foam block – Plastic wrap – Wooden skewers – Toothpicks – U-shaped toothpicks – Knife – Flower cookie cutters – various sizes
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Created in partnership with Jessica Lawrenze @mongermoldandmilk

1. First cut the floral block into a shape that fits inside your vase. If wrapping in bouquet paper, we recommend using a base that is at least 3 inches across and 4 inches high.

2. Wrap the floral block in plastic wrap to keep it from touching items in the bouquet and place inside the vase. If wrapping in floral paper, place the wrapped floral block in a mug to keep the from falling over as you insert/arrange skewered items.

3. Prepare the cheese by using the cookie cutters to cut into various sizes and shapes.

4. Skewer your cheeses and various accoutrements.

5. To create a salumi rose, lay out 4-5 slices of salumi overlapping one another. Fold the row in half and roll into a rose bud, securing with the u-shaped toothpick. Place on skewer, add herb leaves and use the floral tape to secure the ends of the U- shaped toothpick to the skewer. Repeat.

6. To begin assembling, start in the center and work your way out. Place larger items closer to the center. As you get closer to the edges you can use shorter skewers or toothpicks to secure grapes or the items of your choosing.

7. Use herbs and flowers to fill gaps and the back of the bouquet.

a. If the herb bunch or stem is sturdy, you can poke some straight into the floral block or you can secure a small bundle of herbs on a skewer using the floral tape and then poke them into the floral block.

8. Floral Wrap: Once finished, gently lay the block with all the skewers on top of the paper, wrap and secure with tape and ribbon.

Optional Ingredients:

It all starts with Real California Cheese: Avoid cheeses that are too soft and won’t hold up at room temperature. Medium texture cheeses are best for putting on skewers (cheddars, goudas, flavored jacks, young bries).

Various small fruits or veggies that can be easily skewered:

Recommendation: Kumquats, lemonquats, fresh figs, mini apples, dried fruit, radishes, olives, goldenberries (aka: cape gooseberries), red or green grapes. Avoid anything that gets soggy or is easily squashed.

Thinly sliced salumi.

Sturdy herbs or veggies to use as accents:

Recommendation: Rosemary, bay leaf stems, olive tree stems, lavender wands, lime leaf stems, mini artichokes.

Optional food-safe flowers:

Recommendation: Fennel flower, mustard flower, lavender, pansies.