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California Ice Cream Sandwiches



– Favorite Real California ice cream flavor (such as chocolate, vanilla or mint chocolate chip) – Cookies (such as peanut butter, chocolate or sugar cookies) – Dry toppings (such as chocolate chips or multi-colored sprinkles) – Soft toppings (such as peanut butter, hot fudge or strawberry jam)


1. Choose flavor of ice cream and pick cookies to match.

2. Use a large spoon to scoop a slightly softened scoop of ice cream onto one cookie and press the ice cream out to the edges.

3. Press dry toppings onto the ice cream scoop, and spread any soft toppings onto the second cookie.

4. Close the sandwich with the second cookie and roll the edges into a final dry topping if desired.

Suggested Flavor Combinations:

Vanilla ice cream + chocolate cookies + fudge + chopped maraschino cherries + chopped chocolate or chocolate sprinkles

Mint chip ice cream + chocolate cookies + fudge + chocolate sprinkles

Vanilla ice cream + chocolate cookies + instant espresso powder + chopped chocolate

Chocolate ice cream + peanut butter cookies + fudge

Vanilla ice cream + chocolate cookies + peanut butter + chopped peanuts

Chocolate, vanilla or chocolate chip ice cream + chocolate chip cookies + peanut butter + chopped peanuts

Strawberry ice cream + sugar cookies + strawberry jam + rainbow sprinkles


· The ice cream should be just lightly softened, not rock hard. If it's too soft, it will start to melt and if it's too hard, it will be difficult to mound evenly on the cookie, and could break the cookie.

· Spread the sauce on one cookie, and the ice cream on the other. It's difficult to spread the ice cream on a slippery surface.

· If dipping the sandwich in melted chocolate, it's best to freeze the sandwich until it's very firm before dipping, or the ice cream will start to melt into the chocolate. Use a melted chocolate bar or chocolate chips, something that will harden up. Avoid hot fudge as it will stay sticky.

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