Cheese NameFlavorColorTextureDescription & Uses
AckawiMildWhiteFirm, smoothA Middle Eastern-style cheese with complex flavor. Primarily used as a table cheese. Also spelled Akawi and Akawieh. May also be a semi-hard cheese.
AsaderoMildWhiteFirm, moistEaten as is, on sandwiches and melted in cooked dishes. (Note that some forms of Asadero are processed.)
Bakers CheeseMildWhiteSoft curdsSimilar to Cottage Cheese but smoother and softer. Mainly used in baked goods.
BaladiMild, richWhiteSoft, creamy, smoothA Middle Eastern cheese eaten as is, with crackers, in sandwiches or as an appetizer.
Basket CheeseMild, saltyWhiteSemisoft, moistA semisoft loose curd cheese similar to Panela in taste and usage. Mainly used in cooking.
Cottage Cheese (Farmer’s Cheese)MildWhiteSoft and moist with large or small curdsEaten alone or in salads. May be flavored, as with chives. Also good in cooked foods or blended for dips. Lowfat and nonfat types available.
Cream CheeseMildWhiteSoft, smoothSoft, spreadable cheese often used on sandwiches, also in cooked foods.
CrescenzaMild, slightly tangyCream, whiteSoft, creamyVariation of an Italian-style cheese. Good on flat bread or pizza. Excellent dessert cheese paired with fresh fruit such as berries, peaches and plums.
CurdMildWhiteSemisoft, creamy, moistCurds are the solids formed in curdled milk from which cheese is made. Some cheesemakers sell fresh curds that can be enjoyed plain or, more commonly, used in cooked foods.
Fromage BlancMild, tangyWhiteSoft, creamyA mild, moist, smooth-textured cheese made from uncooked and unripened curd. Used as an ingredient in baking, in cooking and for eating, as with fruit.
MascarponeMild, sweetWhiteSoft, creamyItalian-style cheese similar to Ricotta, but creamier. Commonly used as an ingredient in desserts or with fruit.
Mozzarella (water-packed)Delicate, fresh milkWhiteSoft, creamy, smoothThis high-moisture version of Mozzarella, typically made from whole milk, has a fresh milk flavor and is typically sold packed in water. Often used in salads or marinated for an appetizer. Small balls are called Bocconcini. (This is not the type commonly used for pizzas.)
PanelaMildWhiteFirm, moistHispanic-style cheese with flavor similar to Cottage Cheese. Softens but does not melt when heated. Use in sandwiches, salads, with fruit and in cooked foods.
QuarkLight, tartWhiteSmooth, spreadableA soft cheese similar to Cottage Cheese. Used in baking, also in dips and with fruit.
Queso Blanco Fresco (Queso Para Frier)MildWhiteFirm, moistCrumbled onto fruit, beans, salads and other dishes. Can be fried without melting. (Also called Queso Para Frier when sold as a frying cheese.)
Queso FrescoMild, slightly saltyWhiteSoft, moist, crumblyMost commonly used Hispanic-style cheese with a texture that softens but does not melt when heated. Use as topping or filling in cooked dishes. Also good with fruit. When sold in large blocks can be called Adobera.
RequesonVery mild, SemisweetWhiteSoft, moist, grainyAn Hispanic version of Ricotta that is used in salads, dips, cooked foods and desserts.
RicottaVery mild, SemisweetWhiteSoft, moist, grainySimilar to Cottage Cheese, but slightly sweeter with a smoother texture. This Italian-style cheese is good in salads, dips, cooked foods and desserts.