Download the complete Professional's Guide to Real California Cheese (PDF) to learn all about the following:

Cheese Tasting and Appreciation
A discussion of the terms used to describe cheese flavor and texture and information on how to taste cheese.

Merchandising Cheese for Retail
Information on merchandising cheese in the specialty cheese shop or grocery store cheese department.

Merchandising Cheese for Restaurant and Foodservice
Tips for showcasing cheese in restaurants and food service operations.

Sourcing, Storing and Handling Cheese
A guide to the complete selection of California cow’s milk cheese, a checklist for receiving shipments, and a guide to storing various types.

About Cheese and How It's Made
Information on the origins of California's cheesemaking, how cheese is made and the different families of cheese.

Pairing Cheese and Wine
Guidelines and tips for pairing cheese with wine.

Special Section
The art of flavor development is an in-depth discussion of the many factors that shape flavor development in cheese.