Research demonstrating the benefits of chocolate milk as a post-workout recovery drink is growing. In June, the University of Texas at Austin released two studies that showed chocolate milk is the ideal post-workout recovery drink. Dr. John Ivy, lead researcher said, "The advantages for the study participants were better body composition in the form of more muscle and less fat, improved times while working out and overall better physical shape than peers who consumed sports beverages that just contained carbohydrates."¹

In a recent issue of the International Journal of Sports Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism, chocolate milk as a post-exercise recovery aid was tested once again this time with nine male endurance trained cyclists. Researcher Joel Stager, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Indiana University credits the ingredients in chocolate milk to why it’s ideal for post-workout recovery. Milk contains the carbs and proteins that are lost when muscles get tired. The water prevents dehydration and the additional calcium, pinch of sodium and sugar help with getting energy back².

Not only does milk deliver those nine essential nutrients, but after exercise, chocolate milk does that and more. So instead of quenching your post workout thirst with sugary, empty calorie-laden “recovery” drinks, fuel your thirst and your body with chocolate milk. Your muscles will thank you and so will your taste buds.

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