Think Food Forum Tells the Resilient Story of Farming

A recent forum called “Think Food” brought food industry leaders from across the country to discuss the future of food. Sponsored by The Washington Post, “Think Food” discussed best practices and approaches for sustainably feeding the nation.

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State, National Environmental Awards for Gallo, Giacomazzi

Two recent environmental awards presented to California dairy leaders spotlight the continuing commitment the industry has made to environmental stewardship.

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Dairy CARES: Milestones in Sustainability

California dairy farmers are constantly thinking of ways to help the environment while also caring for their animals and community. Here you will learn about the efforts of Dairy CARES, as well as hear stories from farmers striving towards sustainable farming practices.

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Dairy Industry Decreases Carbon Footprint

A recent study conducted by the Applied Sustainability Center at the University of Arkansas,  found that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the dairy industry make up only about 2 percent of total U.S. emissions.

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California Dairies Lead World With Lowest Carbon Footprint

Daily commitment to caring for animals, the land, our air and water resources.

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California Dairy Industry Remains a Powerful Job Creator


A study released by the CMAB confirmed the dairy industry’s positive impact on the state’s financial wellbeing, including job creation.

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Conservation Tillage Innovator

Fourth-generation California dairy producer Dino Giacomazzi is proud of many things about his family's dairy, but it's the history and the strides his family has taken to continue to make the farm more sustainable that tops the list.

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Putting Waste to Work


Jon and Tami Tollenaar’s dairy farm in Elk Grove is one of the many dairy farms in California that is turning waste into something positive — energy!

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Europeans Seek California’s Sustainability Expertise

The Castelanelli Bros. Dairy and Vineyards operate a methane digester, which converts methane from their 1,600-cow herd into energy.

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Dairy Farms and the Environment


California leads the nation in production practices that not only make delicious milk, but they also make sense for the planet.

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Water Quality and Management on California Dairy Farms

California dairy farmers are committed to efficient water use practices. Every drop is used to its maximum benefit.

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