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Cow Chow: 10 Interesting Ingredients part of a Dairy Cow’s Diet

Dairy Farms Environment

What does a dairy cow eat? It can vary not only by geography but also by season. Dairy farmers work with professional nutritionists to create optimal diets for their cows – that often includes byproducts from the processing of other foods and fibers.

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Dairy CARES: Milestones in Sustainability

California dairy farmers are constantly thinking of ways to help the environment while also caring for their animals and community. Here you will learn about the efforts of Dairy CARES, as well as hear stories from farmers striving towards sustainable farming practices.

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Animal Care FAQs


California dairy producers take animal welfare very seriously and work day in and day out to ensure their cows are healthy and comfortable.

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California Cow Comfort, A Year-Long Priority


Modern dairies may have a different look but still have the same commitment to cow comfort and responsible animal care.

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California Cows Aren’t Just Black and White


If you’re not familiar with the dairy industry, you may not know that California cows come in a range of colors and breeds.

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