Happy Cows Art

Artist Bio:
Denise Rich is a California Artist that has made a career out of painting cows.  Naturally we asked her to
paint the Happy Cows!  After joining us at a Real California Milk commercial shoot in northern California wine country. Denise produced six original oil paintings, making her the "Official Happy Cow Artist".  She has continued to paint cows since, below are examples of her recent paintings of California Cows.

Just like the Happy Cows, Denise is a California native.  Her favorite part of the process of painting cows is
collecting photographic reference, standing in a beautiful California landscape watching for the perfect scene or pose to capture and create from. Each of the cows she paints is an individual that she has met, had eye contact with.  She takes that memory back to the studio and working with buttery oils mixes pure pigments into real life colors, brushes that color onto a fresh, white canvas until it emerges as the soul of that individual, and that moment in that cow's life will live on forever.

A few words from the artist:
"I was unexpectedly drawn to cows when I first viewed them as a subject for a painting. It only took one visit with the local Holstein herd to realize there was something special, they were not just a 'herd' of cattle, they were individuals with unique and completely charming personalities. That's what I look for when I paint, and most of my paintings of cows are either close up portraits or show some type of interaction.  This is what moves me about them and what I work to capture for the viewer to see and feel with me. That's why I do it, because the cows always make me smile. I hope my paintings make you smile too."

In addition to cows, Denise accepts commissions to paint a variety of subjects.

Click here to go to Denise Rich's website and see more of her work.